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 Pet Peeves--What Makes Characters Annoyed

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PostSubject: Pet Peeves--What Makes Characters Annoyed   Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:34 pm

Okay, so every character has its personality. Its likes, dislikes, friends, enemies, etc. Of course, something that always bothers them. I found this survey on Facebook and took it. Not only did I realize that I was really...erm, bitchy...but also that this would be great for my characters to take. They could even answer some things in person, too, like "Ugh I hate that. Oh wait, I do that. Stupid double standard." I added some of my own. If you have any to add to the list, post 'em here! That way we can all benefit. :]

By the way, I'm not this annoying. xD ALL of these do not bother me, I assure you.

[] when people mispronounce a word
[] writing with a pencil that has a dull end
[] when your food touches
[] when people talk LOUDLY during a movie
[] when people use the word like to much
[] gum under tables
[] a bright light turned on right after it was dark.. so your eyes hurt
[] people who don't know how to shut up
[] people who have annoying/weird voices
[] people who are obviously too old to be shopping in the juniors section

[] when extremely obese people are eating fast food
[] People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available.
[] When people take 20 napkins, use one, then throw them all away.
[] When there is crumbs in a butter container or any other condiment jar
[] when Someone stands over your shoulder reading the computer screen.
[] When something you've been into for a long time becomes popular.
[] When you find a shirt that you like and have none in your size
[] Being the first one at a party and you feel awkward.
[]The naming of celebrity couples (niley, nelena, taylena, jaylor etc.)
[] Movie sequels that are unnecessary

[]When you pull a string hanging from your shirt and it doesn't break, but only becomes longer.
[] when stick thin people wear skinny jeans
[] People who don't control their bratty children.
[] People who refer to themselves in the third pderson.
[] when people Mumble, then say "Forget it!" when you don't hear them
[] When the person who takes the last of something puts the empty package back.
[] When people are using armrests on both sides of you.
[] when you take a shower and then after you realize you've forgotten to bring a towel
[] People say "carmel" instead of "caramel".
[] When the toilet paper roll is backwards.

[] When you ask for LOTS of ketchup and they give you only two or three packets.
[] When those little hinges on the CD case break, and now you can't open and close it.
[] How hard it is to open a new music CD.
[] How commercials are so much louder than the TV shows.
[] Double dippers.
[] PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs.
[] Restaurants that put too much ice in your drink.
[] People who smoke right outside the door getting smoke all over everybody who enters/leaves.
[] people who order a huge plate of food at a restaurant but only eat two bites
[] people who have no clue what personal space is

[]When someone tries to talk to you when you have headphones on and listening to music
[] people with who really need to go and see a dermatologist because their acne is just horrid
[]when libraries never have the book you want in.
[] Wobbly tables.
[] Getting stuck at red lights, while nobody is going the other direction
[] when something's messy at a party and you just have to clean it up
[] when guys have to act "gangster" and have their pants around their ankles
[] when you hear people crack thier knuckles
[] People abbreviating words when they speak.
[] People who can't decide on one radio/tv station, and constantly flip back and forth

[] People who bite their nails
[] People who don’t think before they speak
[] People who belch/fart in public
[] People who laugh about it
[] People who are just plain immature
[] People who drink directly out of the milk/orange juice container
[] People who read out loud what they're typing in an email or letter
[] Noisy eaters or people who chew with their mouth open
[] People with bad table manners.
[] People walking around in ridiculous 'fashionable' shoes that are clearly hurting their feet

[] When a person makes a sucking noise with a straw when the cup becomes almost empty.
[] People who are mean to animals
[] Going through the drive thru, then having to go back when they screw your order up.
[] Whenever anyone says "Ya know what I'm sayin"...
[] Drivers who don't use a turn signal.
[] People who blame everything on others, including THEIR failures
[] People who chat online (instant messaging) while you’re on the phone with them
[] Finding a shoe and not finding its mate next to it
[] Drivers who won't turn right on red <Note: In Long Island, NY, where I live, this is always allowed unless there is a sign otherwise. We get people from New York City who never do this, since it’s the opposite there—don’t turn on red unless there is a sign saying you can>
[] Double standards

[] When you genuinely ask someone what's wrong (when there obviously is something wrong) and they respond half-heartedly, "hmmm? oh nothing..."
[] Guys who leave the toilet seat up
[] Tapping.
[] When ice cream drips out of the bottom of a sugar cone
[] When somebody tosses something toward a garbage can, like they think they're a basketball star, then leave it on the ground after they miss
[] People who walk their dogs and let them poop indiscriminately (like on someone's lawn), and does not pick it up.
[] The way people walk in flip flops or the sound
[] People who don't cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing
[] Dirty dishes in the sink
[] People who habitually need favors

[] Cutesy intentional misspellings: lite, kwik
[] People who wear too much perfume/cologne
[] People who don't know the difference between its/it’s and they’re/their/there.
[] People with bad grammar in general, in writing or speaking
[] People who invite you out somewhere then cancel.
[] People who give their kids weird names
[] People who overuse quotes from movies or TV
[] People who always reference to one particular show/game, etc
[] Relying on someone else to take a picture because I want to be in it, and it ends up coming out off-centered and out-of-focus
[] People who throw cigarette butts on the beach

[] Saying "Let there be light" every time any light switch is flipped on.
[] When people say "What's up?" instead of saying "hi or hello"
[] People who don’t send out traditional invitation, and instead do it through a social network online (ex. Myspace, Facebook)
[] People who write "Keep in touch!" in your yearbook but never talk to you again (or just people who say that)
[] When someone with a full cart of groceries gets into the 10 items or less line
[] Ignorant people
[] Any married couple who says “We’re pregnant!” (Are they sharing a uterus?)
[] The "yes but" people.
[] Suburban kids who think they are “gangstas.” (more like wangsters)
[] People who will write something borderline mean, but then follow it up with a smiley face Smile
[] Caps Lock in text or in email, when PEOPLE SHOUT.

[] People who always have to be right and have the last word
[] People--who no matter what you have done—who try to "one up" you, even if they can’t
[] People who whistle when they are happy
[] People who don't cash checks you give them in a timely manner
[] When people continue to stare after they ask you a question, as if they need you to expand more on your answer
[] Conversational High-Fives: High-fiving at any time other than when one is actively playing a sport
[] People who are always late
[] Whistling/singing out of tune
[] Men who ogle or whistle at women who walk down the street
[] People who honk in front of a house instead of getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell

[] People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"
[] Clipping toenails in bed
[] People who ask you what time it is
[] People who can't wait to file a lawsuit in order to get rich quick
[] Places/Bars where the music is too loud
[] People who are clearly unhappy and yet pretend like everything is just fine
[] Waiters/waitress who put their fingers on the top of the glass (where you drink from) when they deliver it to you
[] People who reach over your plate to get something
[] Going out to dinner with a big group, eating $10 worth of food and having to split the whole bill and ending up paying much more than you ate
[] Hair on the soap

[] People who spit on the ground and don't look first to see if anybody is around
[] People who use the word “dude” frequently
[] Especially people over 21
[] Being put on the speakerphone without warning
[] Slow people walking in front of you
[] Servers recite the specials to you, because you have never ordered a special, and hate having to feign interest in them
[] When people don't pick up their feet to walk and you hear the scuff... scuff... scuff.
[] Men who talk down to women
[] Email with no subject
[] Grocery shopping carts with a bad wheel

[] Wrinkled clothes
[] How clothes hangers get all tangled with each other
[] People who say I can't, without even trying
[] Air Guitar. (Don’t do it. You look like a dork).
[] When you're with a group of people and you think nobody saw that you just tripped, and you think you're in the clear. But the one person who did see it points it out to everybody else.
[] Women who are obviously bottle blondes who still blame their stupidity on being blonde, as in: “Oh, no! I’m having a blonde moment! *giggle*”
[] People who make up words.
[] People who constantly sniffle.
[]When people bite their nails in the dead of silence and you hear them eating it.
[] Women who use PMS as an excuse to be bitchy.

[] People who finish your sentences for you—especially if they’re wrong
[] People who say, "God damnit" or "Jesus Christ" when they're angry.
[] People who don't vote and then complain about the results.
[]People who try to talk to you when you are going to the bathroom.

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PostSubject: Re: Pet Peeves--What Makes Characters Annoyed   Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:41 pm

Wooo awesome ok so i'll add some after i'm done with my college homework!
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Pet Peeves--What Makes Characters Annoyed
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