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 The Begining of a New Atlantian Adventure

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PostSubject: The Begining of a New Atlantian Adventure   Thu May 20, 2010 11:19 am

Watching the shell-scaled scorpion squids rush through the white green waters under the violet corralled rift, Lamel clicked his forked tongue against cracked blue lips hungrily. Veils over his eyes made his vision impaired and lit against his dark black skin bright enough so that the blue light lit the shadows of his hiding place. Scratching his hand up the roughly carved brass head of a forgotten statue, his fingers spread and silver webs stretched across the face. The statue’s eye peeked out and stared directly at a flat faced puffer fish swimming dangerously close to a ledge where the world of water met the world of land.
With a dark hiss, Lamel pushed off the statue and out of the water. Taking a glimpse of the lights surrounding the Great City that made this world, he dived back down into the water and grabbed a rope tied to a stone near the surface. Pulling it harshly, two halves of curved iron fell from suspended rope wrapped around pillars of stone. The flat faced puffer was trapped in the spear they created. With a powerful thrust of his metallic rainbow scaled tail, Lamel went after the creature. He reached within the trap and sunk his long claws into its flesh. Within moments he pulled out a nearly complete skeleton of the beast. The water became consumed in a haze of dark blue from the blood pouring from the torn skin. Lamel unhooked the cage and opened his mouth fully. Not only did his lips open wide but a slit on both the top and bottom lips, opened to form his true mouth. With his dangerously carved four pointed lips, he tore into the flat puffer and sucked out the blue liquid, sighing in a hungry lust.
When he was done with his capture, Lamel let the carcass float to the bottom of the rift and set his trap up again. Leaving it be for now, he swam down the side of the jagged underwater cliff until he came upon a sandy beach and followed it to the surface. Pulling himself along the sand with his webbed fingers, he searched for something along the shore. When he found it his lips, back in their cracked blue shape with no sign of the slits, pulled up at the sides into a shadowy smile. He pulled himself up a curve from the sand unto a sea green patch of grass and flicked his tail. Shaking off the water spots, he pulled himself upright and began to use the muscles across his tail to move forward. He found a flat, black stone, and lay across it. Folding his arms under his neck, he let his long, spiky blue-grey hair, which arched in strange ways on the top of his head and covered all his face beside his tilted eyes- where the strands were thin and cut short- fall forward.
Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and let the air crawl over his body in a cold wave compared to the boiling volcanic water below. The light from the Great City was dimming, signifying the night taking over the land. Shaking his head, Lamel let his hair fall from the long coils like shells that made up his ears. Wiggling them slightly, he listened to the mummers of children and warriors rummaging through the night on their way to get home. The warriors were diminishing, growing weaker and weaker in number each day. The true surface world had not quarrel with this land, nor did they know of it. Thus, the only battles done upon this strange place were those against the Great City done by the exiled beasts.
Lamel gave out a lengthy sigh at the thought of it. When the beasts that once shared the Great City with the warriors of the Great City-a place he no longer knew the name of- were exiled he had just broken the shells that blinded and muted him from birth. His first glimpse of the city, and his last, was of a fleeing speed in his mothers arms. The farther they got from the city the more pain he felt and when he heard his mother cry out in remorse he realized he had gone from being one of the two legers to having a tail made of rainbow scales. He never knew how life in the Great City was but his mother would speak of it fondly and often cry out a name who he believed was his father’s. All was quite fine and peaceful until a war broke out against the two kinds of beasts and his mother was caught in the cross fire. His first taste of blood was the black liquid spewing from his mother and falling on his trembling lips.
Growling from the slits on his neck, just behind midnight blue tattoos, Lamel rose up and cracked the boned spikes that riddled his skin and his tail. Using his power he flipped back into the water behind him and started to look for more lost treasures, wanting nothing to do with the Great City any longer.
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Keeper of the Crypt

Posts : 1278
Join date : 2009-07-04
Age : 24
Location : The Wonderful World of Word

PostSubject: Re: The Begining of a New Atlantian Adventure   Thu May 20, 2010 11:21 am

Valac leaned against the finely polished crystal slab that stuck from the wall of his cave. Laying his head in his hands he let out a throaty sigh that didn’t fit his small body. A white trimmed emerald garment wrapped around him and held to his chest by a golden emblem. He traced his small fingers down the light, nearly grey skin of his neck to the fabric and fingered the blue gem of the emblem. Groaning, he leaned back against the rock fragment he was using as a chair. The pale blond strands of hair that fell from his face wrapped around his head and got longer until they reached the large points of his ears. From there until the center of his forehead, the hair didn’t grow. In its stead there was a great claw mark that ran down the top of his head to his cheek and crossed over the empty socket where his left eye once was.
Reaching up once again and stroking the wounds, Valac went from groaning to releasing a dark roar as the rush of feather made it sound like the air was ripping in two. From his back, two gleaming white wings spread open and dripped black tinted feathers to the ground like rain. In his mind he cursed the fool who had ruined this form of his; scared it so servility that all his forms felt the mark. If it had not been for that fool who fought only for the vengeance of his slain mother Valac would be as he once was and trick all the fools as he always had. Now he had to change his game of luring beings to his hiding places for his morsels. Yet, as the years moved on his new found scar brought many to him with the request for a strong leader who would bring the beasts of exile back to the Great City for the saw the scar and thought him strongest of them. Which he was much stronger than they, in his own opinion, for few could stand against him in any form of battle.
Yet that one fool could hide from him quite well. If he had not began dreaming of a world in which he ruled, Valac would just kill his new enemy. Instead he wanted to force the cretin to join his army. If they had someone with enough skill as to sneak into the Great City under radar, they could easily destroy them from within. But should his rage get the best of him, they wouldn’t have someone with that skill and he would be satisfied by that revenge. Until then, he would hunt both the fool and the two legers of the Great City with lustful rage.
Moving his wings with such strength as to chip away at the rock and crystal around him, Valac rose. Folding his wings just enough to walk around, he turned toward the opening of the cave and whistled. Two large heads rose from what seemed to have been a pile of crystal and looked toward him. Roaring with breath of fire, a twin headed dragon walked toward him. He jumped down and signed, hating how short this form was, and awaited his beast. It bowed before him and he walked upon its neck until he sat on a saddle on its back.
Then they took off, out of the cave and into the night sky. Rising above the steam that filled the air like clouds, he saw the molten rocks that formed the shell around the great land and kept it harmonious and separated from the other worlds above. Worlds Valac had seen before the sky had rained down and the earth ate the land. Worlds that weren’t any better.
Dipping back down into the mist, he saw the gleam he would never forget. A few miles away the tail of the fool had just disappeared into the waters, and such dangerous waters they were at night. A smirk crossed the all to innocent side of his face and his eye gleamed at the thought that his small form, like a child’s body, would finally get it’s revenge. Ordering his beast to fly toward the light, he folded his wings tightly around his chest like a blanket and leaned down against the crystal scaled skin of the dragons. Once he was secure the beast took off at blinding speeds toward the small island that Valac believed he saw his enemy.
In that moment he remembered the battle that had taken across this very land. The blood shed, the different colors that came from each creatures veins just proved the two legers point. They were not the same. They were not equal. The two legers were red inside, the rest were different even from each other. But they didn’t mind it, they had a common goal: revenge on the two legers. Heading the battle was a strong man that Valac had seen when he lived in the Great City. He had been a scholar, of all things, with a strong arm and a sharp mind, and a man who was the brother to the King. Valac was to stand at the had of the battle and fight this two man one on one but something changed that. A beast like him, like all his forces, stepped in the way to protect the man. It infuriated Valac. He screamed at her to move but she refused. So he cut her down and watched her black blood drip into the water and stains it forever. The man cried out and leaned over her. Then he realized who it was, the one royal beast left, Lamiea. No one saw the young child watching and weeping silently until it was to late. The battle ended that day and has been stalled ever since.
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The Begining of a New Atlantian Adventure
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