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 13 Magical Midnight Faces

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Post13 Magical Midnight Faces

Though we have twelve months in a year there are thirteen faces to the moon and thirteen Lunar Months in a year. The Full Moon is near, if not so, the middle of said lunar months. The New moon is the first day of the Lunar Month and so this list may not always be correct as the first New Moon may not appear on the first of the month. The following list is mainly for informative persona, not definitive outlines. For that you would have to get a New Lunar Calendar.

Lunar Months

January: The Wolf Moon

This first moon repesents sitting by the home fire and times of silence. As winter pushes on its time to appreciate the warmth of home and family. Now is the time to reflexed on yourself and decide what you want to change with the coming spring. Consider what you will do, what you will 'plant'. Start a journal and record lunar tides and spring dreams.

February: The Storm Moon

Start spring cleaning with the coming of this Moon. Its time to think about what needs to be released set free in your life, in your home. Burning white candles and purifying incenses will help relax you and bring you through this period. Rid your self of the old, sweep out the cobwebs and prepare yourself. the new growth of spring is coming.

March: The Chaste Moon

This Moon represents the Maiden and Faery folk. Gather all the fruit and energy of the abundance of insperation around you and imagin what you can create, grow, from it. Build an Altar and bless your garden in the moonlight by offering it to the Moon. Prepare in haste, the earth is priming for planting and you shall change in time.

April: The Seed Moon

Plant seeds of magick at this time, whether it be upon garden soil, in a lonesom pot, or simply within the depths of your heart. Create colorful egges and decorate all areas to bring fertility and joy whilst filling your life and home with light and flowers. Whence the New Moon appears, quickly plant herbs. Try singing in the rain that would otherwise trap you inside.

May: The Hare Moon

Celebrate life, love, fertility, all things! Renew and affirm your sensuality, kindle the fire of dead, or dying, romance! Dance, rejoice, make love by the burning light of a fire, the glow of red candles, the Full Moon's Radiance. Free yourself and in doing so Free your wild Nature.

June: The Dyad Moon

Look around and see the amazing things that are growing. All old had died away and in doing so created room for new. Create an Altar of Roses and honor the beauty of nature around you. Seclude yourself in Nature for a moment and take it all in, truly appreciate all that it is. Send flowers to female family members, mainly mother figures. Hike to the top of a mountain!

July: The Mead Moon

Lay back and bask in the warmth of summer. Take time away from the busy hassle of life and relax. Perhaps a moonlit walk by the sea to gather seashells or just to watch the Majesty of the water, whom bows to the moon, move in such grace. Make an ocean amulet for one you love.

August: The Corn moon

Harvest all things you have nurtured, gifts, relationships, and give to all whom are in need. Collect and store fresh herbs for the coming winter. Bake special breads to honor the 'God' and 'Goddess' of grain and growing things. Share these with your family, friends, and most importantly Nature and Earth. Give back to the earth all that you can.

September: The Harvest Moon

Toast Dionysus, the 'God' of wine and ecstasy- and great son of the Moon. Gather with friends and family to celebrate the vine with a hearty cheer and perhaps good wine. Catch the moon's reflection in your cup and raise it up in salutation, now drink in her essence and feel the presence of the 'God' and 'Goddess'.

October: The Blood Moon

Past times called for hunting and storing in this Moon. Years go by like wheels, turinging in a cycle of life and death. This Moon shows a thin veil. make and Altar for your ancetory, call them forth to guide and protect you. Carve pumpkings and place burning candles within them to light your ancestors way.

November: The Snow Moon

Winter's cold decent and outword growth seemingly stops. This is the strongest time for inner growth now that all else is slowly dying away. Learn some new charm or craft, study thwarts of divination perhaps! when the Full Moon appears, do a reading for yourself or friends and family. Now is the time to Develop your psychic talents.

December: The Oak Moon

Sun's return approaches and the Moon awaits her lover. Create wreaths of Holly, Pine, Oak, Cedar, and/or Ivy. On the Full Moon burn them as an Offering to the Sun and Moon. Make a sacred Moon ornament to hang upon a yule tree.

The Blue Moon

A second Full Moon falling withi a Single Month. this varies each year. When this Moon occures, plan to do something strange, something you have never done before or perhaps something you have always wished to do. Write letters to old friends, plan a great surprise for someone you love. Howl at the Moon in all that it represents!
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13 Magical Midnight Faces :: Comments

Re: 13 Magical Midnight Faces
Post on Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:14 am by Sage
The moon changes like a season, but there is only one moon....

Re: 13 Magical Midnight Faces
Post on Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:20 am by SilentxMidnight
Aye, the moon is a beauty and a wonder
Re: 13 Magical Midnight Faces
Post  by Sponsored content

13 Magical Midnight Faces

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