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 Fantasy Men/Women

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PostSubject: Fantasy Men/Women   Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:56 am

I was originally going to say Fantasy NOVEL Men as the title but it wouldn't be fair for people who have different sexual orientations since they wouldn't be able to participate, that and I know a LOT of you read manga. So I hope everyone gets to participate.

Now VERY recently I've been in love with Drow men. Drow are elves with pitch black skin, snow white hair, eye colors ranging from gold, red, violet, and more and are sadistic and just bad ass.
Now what I like about the Drow society is that WOMEN are better than men. Think of our society reversed. Women are the clerics of Lolth the spider goddess, WOMEN are treated with higher respect for men no matter what your place in the city is. It's pretty nice except the women have a manly look and the men are more...feminine I suppose? Not all are but yeah.

Yes he is bald but that's because hair in the drow society means status, like a badge. He shaved his hair bald to show he is no longer apart of that monarchy.
I will admit I am...depressed about his character. He is a TOTAL mary-sue.
If you guys want read about him I will show you the article and you will agree with me. But he's absolutely brilliant. If you read the books you guys might love him too. He's so hot <3

That's...Briza...I think not sure but anyway that's how ROYAL women I suppose dress in the Drow society and there's my baby boy being as hot as ever <3

His libido is crazy high so he chases after women, human women mainly which is totally the OPPOSITE of his people's ways since they are super xenophobic and think every other race is below them and inferior to them.
I cannot recommend the Legend of Drizzt series enough. You guys this is a must read book, big books but a must read.
And I never recommend books, so this book is really good. so is the Dragonlance series.

What are some of your favorite men and why?
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Fantasy Men/Women
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